Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pug mill journey continues and it has been a bumpy road.

This is the new SHIMPO NVS-07 Stainless Deairing Pugmill Mixer.
In fact I believe it was just released today. I am now thinking of going with Shimpo because my experience so far with Peter Pugger has been less than impressive.
Let me just say that this is a HUGE purchase for me. It will be, by far, the most expensive piece of equipment in my studio. With that said, I have been diligent in my research. I thought I had settled on the afore mentioned PP-VPM9. I contacted Minnesota Clay Co. Sheffield Pottery, Highwater Clays, and Peter Pugger over three weeks ago asking for details like price and shipping charges. The only timely response I got was from Highwater Clays, even Peter Pugger themselves took two weeks to respond.
So far this has been a frustrating and joyless venture.
I do have to give full props to Highwater Clays though. Their customer service rep Denese is FABULOUS with prompt and professional service.
Since I am pretty disillusioned today I decided to re-visit the other pug mill makers. This new Shimpo looks promising. I have contacted them and am awaiting a response...we'll see if their customer service is better than Peter Puggers. be continued.

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