Thursday, June 23, 2011

365 Grateful Day 23 "Hobbies"

I have been a photographer since I was 13 years old...and that was a pretty long time ago. I have a passion for images, composition, and the cameras themselves. In fact I am an avid camera collector. I suppose my collection isn't very impressive but each and every one of my cameras is in operating condition and most importantly I know how to use them.
This camera is my oldest; it is the Kodak Brownie Junior Six-20; a fixed lens box camera. It is photography at its very basic.
Something, and I am not sure what, has reignited my passion for film photography so I took this baby off the shelf, cleaned her up a bit and loaded her with Fujifchrome MS 100/1000 slide film. Oh and by the way, I discovered that this camera will take 120 spools just fine so I didn't have to re-spool my 120 film onto the 620 spool. That was a nice bonus! I downloaded the camera manual from the internet just to refresh my memory on its operations. Since this is a medium format camera and I can only get 12 shots out of it I will have to be very choosy about what I shoot. It won't be like the literally 1000's of photos I take every week with my digital cameras. Nope I will have to take my time and make every shot count.
Truly, I am giddy with excitement all over again! I just LOVE sturdy old instruments of ingenuity!
I will share my photos here when I get them developed....that is unless they are awful. Which is a possibility because sometimes I just get overzealous.

These old box cameras can be picked up for a song on Ebay. Most sellers won't know if one is in operating condition or not but these are pretty simple and can most likely be easily made to work again.

I have many hobbies and am very grateful for them because they are the "zest" of life.

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