Saturday, June 11, 2011

365 Grateful Day 11: "Labor saving tools"

I am so thankful for labor and time saving devices. This would be all my appliances that I do NOT take for granted. Dishwasher....gotta love that one especially if you've spent most of your life washing dishes by hand. Washer and Dryer, Vacuum cleaner, microwave, lawn mowers ...etc. We are so lucky to be able to own and use these machines.
Today I am celebrating my pug mill. I spent all day putting it together all by myself. Of course hubby helped me lift it since it weighs 210 pounds but I assembled everything else. I even recycled my first batch of clay...which means I will be spending the weekend throwing on the wheel with awesome clay. No more self reclaimed lumpy clay for me! What a blessing!

Loading my dry scraps.

Adding water.

Turning on the mixer

Waiting patiently

Perfectly pugged clay.

YAY...I am doing my happy dance!

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Ladytats said...

congrats Sherry, have a great time. I will enjoy seeing what you make with your "new" clay