Sunday, May 5, 2013

Garden Markers

I've made and sold these for years. Now, against all odds (because we move so darn much with the military), I am starting my own garden. When you live in limbo, as we have done for the past 13 years you are never able to plan for the future, so I've always worried about starting a garden only to move soon after, but hubby said, "go ahead start your garden". (Incidentally, after I did all the work and expense of setting up this garden we did get orders to move...WHATEVER!!!) So I am making it a container garden and will try to move it with us...we'll see how that goes!
Anyhow, these markers are for moi!
As I was stamping in the letters I realized that an "H" was missing. So for "Herbs" and "Squash", I had to use a stamp from another set, so the letters don't exactly match...and for some reason that completely irritates the garbage out of me! I HATE when things are not where they belong when I need them. My hubby is especially adept at not putting things back where they belong when he is done with them, and it is the bane of my existence, (we are talking teeth grindingly exasperating). I can't blame the misplaced "H" on him though; completely my own fault. Afterwards I did a thorough search, and finally did find the missing "H", so the next time I need it, it will be there!