Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Honey ...I'm home

Ahem....excuse the dust around here! WOW! It has been FOREVER and a day since I have posted up in here. Now that my newly renovated studio is up and running I plan to remedy the lack of posting!

...this! Ta dah!

I just had my first kiln firing in over a year and a half. It is not much but still a pretty good start. The kiln is firing well..I certainly had my concerns since it sat in a damp basement for so long.
I cannot wait to get back to my pottery routine...it is like I am starting from scratch. In case you were wondering what exactly "this" is. They are ceramic tatting shuttles...they are not new to this blog but it has been a long time since I've posted about them. You see, tatting has nearly taken over my life so now I must find room to juggle both tatting and ceramics into my new routines.
Come on back soon to see what the MadMadPotter is up to!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Renovating Studio

Ahem....Is any body here? (Caugh caugh...splutter!)
Oh my, it has been SOOO long since I've had anything to post about in my pottery life. I was on sabbatical for a year; spending time in South Korea. I have not had my hands in clay for a year and a half. Now I think that is just criminal!

....Let's not think about that...

I have been really busy renovating and while these pictures scratch only the surface at least they will give you a good idea what I have been up to.

Hubby has been a big help. This reno has been a lot of physical labor and that has taken a toll on my body but I am hoping the end results will make it all worth it.

More pics to come.