Friday, June 17, 2011

In the studio

These are over sized mugs with three dimensional decor. They are really more like small bowls with handles. My hubby loves over sized mugs and asks me to make them all the time. These are very special because they have a secret compartment containing beads to make them rattle.
They are rattle mugs.

There are even 3D decorations inside the mug to further delight.

I finally got around to making myself and hubby what I call "mommy mugs". I have been doing them for other mommies and daddies for years, so I guess it is our turn. I take an impression of baby's hand and then use that mold to make an expression on the mug. It has a really cool effect....and what a keepsake eh?

One thing I am super glad I did when I was prego was to get a belly cast. This cast is me at 38 weeks. My hubby helped as I was contracting the entire time. Anyway, I spent some time today painting it with drywall primer/sealer just to make it stronger and more durable. I actually did two casts; one is for my daughter when she grows up if she chooses to keep it.

I wanted to test one of my extrusion dies on Boris. Yes, I named my pug mill "Boris".
This die extrudes handles and coils of every shape and size. I actually found it a lot more tedious than just pulling handles the old fashioned way. But it was fun to play around with and I am sure I will find many uses for it in the future.
The rattle mugs above have extruded handles and the "mommy" mugs have pulled handles.
When the mugs are completed I think I will ask around and see which style people prefer.

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