Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kodak Brownie Starflex: The camera that started it all

A through the lens picture of the waist level view finder.

Some years back I acquired this Kodak Brownie Starflex from a thrift shop for $5. I had never seen anything like it. (I come from the generation of manual SLR tanks) and this camera is definitely before my time. I was intrigued by it and at the time I purchased it there was no internet to do research. I didn't know what kind of film it took or anything. So I hung on to it for a few years. One day I took it out and gave it another good look, I did some research on the internet and found out that it takes 127 film but 127 film hadn't been produced for a long time. I was bummed and put it back on the shelf for few more years. Once again I picked it up, did more research because by this time there were other weirdos "out there" like me who wanted to use these old cameras again and to my utter delight found out that 127 film was being produced in very small numbers once again. So of course I ordered a few rolls of black and white film. It was expensive but I saved a little money in development costs since I develop my own BW negatives and then use a scanner to digitize them. This camera has no focus mechanism so you have to guesstimate the distance of your subjects. I picked up a close-up filter for it so that I could take pictures that were as close as 3 feet away. Unfortunately for some of the pictures I forgot that close up filter was still on the camera when I had intended to take it off so some of my pictures turned out blurry but no matter I was still very pleased with my first attempt. Following are the photos that this little "toy" camera produced.

All these photos were taken in Panama City Fl. I only scanned cropped and added a signature to them...none of them are otherwise digitally edited.

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