Monday, July 11, 2011

365 Grateful Day 41 "My New (old) Polaroid SX-70"

So I got this circa 70's Polaroid camera on Ebay. I had never seen one of these before until I was perusing a book on camera's at Barns and Noble a couple weeks ago. Some of the older generation may remember this benchmark camera with an oh so cool history. So naturally I instantly fell in love with this instant gratification machine. Sure digital cameras give you instant pictures but they aren't instantly tangible like an actual photograph in your hand is.

This is the first ever Polaroid picture I have taken. I am super stoked...I mean SUPER STOKED on the results. The film is from the Impossible Project. Their story is a cool one which I won't repeat here because it can be found on their website. The film is really expensive so one really has to think about their shot before taking it. Also it is really finicky (so I've read) so I did a lot of research on how to work with the film. Apparently my hard work paid off because I am thrilled with my first Polaroid photo. It is a really hot day and the film is hyper sensitive to heat so that may account for the sepia like coloring rather than shades of silver. Maybe that is how it is supposed to look, I don't know. But I love it regardless!
Oh and by the way, isn't it appropriate that I took my very first Polaroid on the first day of Polaroid Week 2011! I didn't plan it must be destiny!

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