Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Switching over to Porcelain

I spent over 8 hours on Easter weekend cleaning and organizing my studio for porcelain use. There can't be any cross contamination, so I had to wash EVERYTHING! I cleaned up about a thousand spider corpses....yeah that was exciting!

Here are a couple of views of my studio. I use it for hand dyeing tatting thread. Encaustic Paintings. Metal and glass work and of course POTTERY!
This is a 25lb pile of porcelain which dried out on me.
I will be reclaiming it in this awesome Pugmill. It took at least two hours to clean Boris. But he is now up and ready to roll.
Come back to see what I have planned for this pile of clay!

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Ladytats said...

Awesome Sherry, I always enjoy seeing your work, not matter what, threads, tatting, porcelain, art.... You make the prettiest things.