Saturday, April 13, 2013

New projects in porcelain...

I am working excusively in porcelain right now. Porcelain is an area in which I do NOT have a vast pool of knowledge, so like everything else, my learning curve will be steep! This is a large baking dish; some call it a fish dish. It is quite boring now, but will hopefully spruce up after glazing.

This is a very large decorative bowl. It is quite thin as to get that translucent effect. It is decorated with a pretty lace texture.
It took over a week, but Boris did "champion" in reclaiming my dried out porcelain. Right now, working with it is like butter!

I don't have a whole lot of time in the studio since I am gearing up for next weeks big tatting convention. I have some super top secret projects I've been working on that I cannot wait to unveil to the tatting world.
With that said, I desperately need my "clay time" to stave off insanity, so a few hours in my happy place does the trick. I'm sure the tatting world won't mind!

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Ladytats said...

Great to see you working in the clay again. Those are pretty things.