Monday, May 9, 2011

Well you win some, you lose some and HOLY COW I'm on a losing streak!

Bown Crossing has a Sunday market and I have participated as a trial run for the last two Sundays. This is in conjunction with the Indie Made Store. Apparently I didn't sell a single item so that is more money down the drain in booth fees.
This pic isn't very good but the wood stand on the right is my shelf.
Since I didn't even sell enough from the store to break even on my rent this month I very highly doubt I will do the Bown Crossing market again.
I am not use to this kind of failure. At my very worst moments as a working artist I have always been able at minimum to break even so this past month has been particularly painful.
It has made me reflect on many things which is always constructive. Is it my work? Is it the market? Is it the store? Perhaps is is a combination of all three. Whatever the case I will not give up. The only thing I can control is the quality of my that is what I will do!
I took a big risk accepting the invitation to be a part of this artist coop and as I stated before it could turn out to be a huge flop. It is definitely starting to look more bleak than not right now. I am hemorrhaging what little money I have. But I am still holding out hope that something good will come from all my hard work in the end.


snowy said...

You know, I think you do some lovely pottery and ceramics... I have been looking at the stuff you have been showing and really liking it, however it is a very hard time financially for many people. I think that many potential clients are not actually buying because they feel guilty about spending...I know I am often tempted but don't buy because of those difficult "end of months".
Do continue...two weeks isn't very long to judge your work.

Ladytats said...

Sherry, the economy is bad for a lot of artists, our business is way down.

BSOTF said...

I know it's not your fault at all. But with the gas prices & everything else, right now people aren't really spending money cause alot of them can't afford to. Your stuff is beautiful!

Donna said...

I'm the proud owner of several pieces you made and I say you can eliminate the quality of your work as an issue. The economy is simply unstable. The effect is reading lots of people. The situation will improve.