Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The time has come for a pug mill. Peter Pugger VPM-9???

For years hubby has been encouraging me to get a pug mill. But I have resisted because the price of one is slightly less than astronomical. I have been reclaiming clay by hand for the past decade, but now that carpel tunnel has set in, I can no longer wedge clay like I used to.
For the last two weeks I have been diligently researching different pug mills by different manufactures and I think I have settled on the Peter Pugger VPM-9 pictured above. I haven't placed the order yet but I have been in contact with a retailer this week working out the details. I can't decide if I want the stainless steel version which is significantly more expensive. I work with porcelain but not exclusively. I've been reading about porcelain being contaminated by corroding aluminum mills. It is my style to over buy sometimes...just in case.
Anyhow, I am just a single potter with a small studio so I don't need a large industrial machine and it seems that Peter Pugger has created a mill just for someone like me. Bailey and Shimpo make smaller versions that I was looking at closely as well but with the great reviews other potters have given it, the VPM-9 has won me over.
It will be, by far, the most expensive piece of equipment in the studio but it will also make my studio complete.
To save my hands and wrists from the excruciating pain I have suffered in the last two years, I hope it will be worth the money!
If there are any other potters out there who would like to weigh in on this subject, I would appreciate any advice.

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