Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Leaning towards the abstract

I have some clay that is too stiff to throw on the wheel so my choices are to use it for hand building or let it dry out and totally reconstitute it. The latter is a lot more work. So I rolled out some nice slabs, added texture and draped them.
They are abstract bowl forms.

We had the opportunity to go to the Saturday Farmers Market. I LOVE this market. We spent way too much money on goat's cheese that we have been enjoying daily since. Bought some fresh eggs, habanero salsa and homemade fudge. It's easy to fall in love. This year this market has six potters. Each and every one of them producing exquisite work. For a split second I felt a little bad about my own work but thankfully that feeling was short-lived. If anything I let them inspire me to work harder.
I was especially impressed with the glazes these potter are using. Very bright and colorful. In general potters will produce tons of work and glaze their pieces in a drab two-color dip. I have never been one of those potters. I love color and visual interest and I spend a lot of time on each piece I make. I very seldom dip or pour. I always thought this made my work stand out from other potters. But color and decoration was all over the place; these guys...these guys are good!

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