Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big News!

I was invited to join a co-op of artists in down town Boise. The invitation came in extremely short notice so I am scrambling to try and get something together for the Grand Re-Opening in two days. It's a good thing I had some pottery sitting around waiting for this very moment.
I had some trepidation about this venture because it does come with a cost. I have to sell quite a bit of pottery just to break even. However, one never knows what can happen if one doesn't take a leap of faith. That "one" being me of course, a potter with OCD and anti-social tendencies. I am hoping through this experience to make a lot of new friends, to stretch and grow as an artist and of course, to prosper.
Anyhow, the most time consuming project today is creating special labels for my work and then inventorying every piece. It's not like I haven't done this a dozen times before but never on this short notice.

I was thinking something like this. First impressions are very important and I believe every detail counts while at the same time trying to make everything look effortless. Not sure if I accomplished that yet as this is just the rough draft.
You'll recognize the tea set up in my banner here, and Curlz MT has been my font for over a decade now.

Well I better get back to work because as I said I am short on time. I don't know if I have any Boise readers for this blog but if so here is the 411.

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