Wednesday, October 12, 2011

365 Grateful project on hold

Due to overwhelming personal circumstances this project is being "shelfed" indefinitely. I started this project to help heal my heart from 4 years of depression, illness and negative external forces. It seems that the harder I try to get past all the hurt the more the garbage keeps piling up. Perhaps my timing is all wrong. Perhaps another time would be more appropriate to resume this project. We shall see.

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Ladytats said...

Hi sherry, I lost track of your project for a while. I just now popped back in to check on it. when you feel the most overwhelmed and the most drowning, that is when you have to work the hardest to find the good stuff. it is there you just have to work harder to find it. that is a hard thing to do. but in the end it will be worth it. best of luck to you as you work through the tough times. I hope you can find the good stuff again in life, even if you don't post about it. keep a journal just for yourself, that way if you do have difficulties finding good stuff in life, you can go back, and say, Yes there is good stuff. I will look again and see if I can find it. Blessings on you and dh and picadilly.